Updated ticket information effective March 30, 2024


Starting March 30, DeWaterbus will introduce three significant updates. These changes will affect passengers with a 10-trip card or subscription, as well as those purchasing tickets onboard. Please ensure you are informed about these new procedures.


Changes effective March 30, 2024

Cashless payments onboard

Starting March 30, cash payments will no longer be accepted onboard. Tickets can be purchased using a bank card or through a banking app on your smartphone — a method that's not only easy but also secure and quick. However, if you prefer, cash payments are still accepted at our Steenplein counter in Antwerp.


Phase-Out of Old 10-Trip Cards

The previous version of the DeWaterbus 10-trip card will be phased out. We encourage you to swap your existing 10-trip card for the updated version, which will maintain the same number of stamps, free of charge, before September 30, 2024. For more information, please consult with our crew members. 


Subscription Renewal and Extension

Interested in extending or renewing your subscription soon? You can conveniently do so over the phone by calling +32 3 302 30 00, emailing us at info@braxo.eu, or visiting the DeWaterbus counter at Steenplein in Antwerp. Please note, website renewals and extensions are temporarily unavailable.


For more info: +32 3 302 30 00 - info@braxo.eu