DeWaterbus transports 4,600 passengers during Antwerp 10Miles


During the recent Baloise Antwerp 10Miles, DeWaterbus proved to be a reliable mobility solution for those wanting to travel to and from Antwerp that day. Thanks to active dispatching and the flexibility of our staff, we managed to safely and comfortably deliver 4,600 passengers to their destinations.

DeWaterbus and the Antwerp 10Miles became a successful formula thanks to:

Dynamic service adapted to passenger flows

With active dispatching and additional staff at the busiest pontoons, we were able to dynamically adjust our schedule to meet the needs of our travelers

Extra ships

In the morning, the peak crowd from Hemiksem and Kruibeke to Sint-Anna Linkeroever was handled by deploying additional ships on this route.

Enthusiastic staff

For the staff of DeWaterbus, it was all hands on deck on Sunday, April 21. Their flexibility and enthusiasm certainly made it a fantastic running festival for many people. Thank you!