When and where should you be at the stop?

Make sure to be ready at the pontoon at least five minutes before the scheduled departure time of DeWaterbus. The times listed in our schedule are the departure times of the vessels. DeWaterbus does not wait.

What do the zones mean?

The Scheldt route consists of two main zones (Zone North and Zone South). Additionally, there are two ferry services on the route (Zone Port and Zone City).

A ticket is always valid for one zone. If your journey passes through two zones, you will need a ticket valid for both zones. The ferry services are not considered as an extra zone in your travel route. An additional fee of € 1 is charged for a ferry crossing that is not part of the initial route.

Where is the boarding point for the Sint Anna stop?

The pier is located at Jachthavenweg 1, near the beach of Sint Anna. Click here to open the location in Google Maps.

Where is the boarding point for the Zwijndrecht stop?

The pier is located at Scheldedijk 32, in the inner harbor of DEME. Click here to open the location in Google Maps.

Where is the boarding point for the Fort Liefkenshoek stop?

The pier of Fort Liefkenshoek is located on Ketenislaan, not far from the entrance of the fort.
This stop is on the opposite side of the Lillo stop. Click here to open the location in Google Maps.

Where is the boarding point for the Lillo stop?

The pier of Lillo stop is located on Scheldelaan, at the end of Tolhuisstraat (Lillo village). This stop is on the opposite side of Fort Liefkenshoek. Klik hier om de locatie te openen in Google Maps.


Travelling in group

If you are a group of 15 people or more, please notify us in advance and mention whether you will board by bicycle or on foot. This will allow us to take your visit into account and provide all passengers with a comfortable and pleasant trip. Contact us at info@dewaterbus.be

How many passengers can DeWaterbus carry?

Each ship has a determined maximum capacity, ranging between 75 and 125 individuals (passengers and crew combined). If bicycles or other means of transportation are brought on board, the passenger capacity decreases. Therefore, it is important to always follow the instructions of the stewards.

Can I bring my bike or another means of transportation on DeWaterbus?

On board DeWaterbus, bicycles (including electric, carrier and recumbent bicycles), wheelchairs and mobility scooters are admitted free of charge. There is a maximum capacity for this that may not be exceeded. So it is always important to follow the instructions of our stewards! Other electrically powered two-wheelers (including electric scooters) are not allowed on board.

Is DeWaterbus accessible for wheelchairs and mobility scooters?

Certainly, but at low tide, the slope of the gangway may hinder or even make it impossible for wheelchair and mobility scooter users to access. Additionally, emergency routes on the ship must be kept clear at all times. Depending on the number of passengers and other means of transportation on board, the number of wheelchairs and mobility scooters may be limited.

If you require assistance, please inform the steward immediately.

Can I bring my dog on DeWaterbus?

Yes, provided that your dog is kept on a leash. Our crew reserves the right to refuse your dog if it’s suspected to cause inconvenience to other passengers.

Dogs must stay outside on DeWaterbus. Only if your dog is in a basket or bag or on your lap, it may be taken inside.

Can children travel alone on DeWaterbus?

Yes, from the age of 12, provided they can embark and disembark independently. Children under 12 must always be accompanied by an adult.

Can someone help me board?

Notify the steward if you need assistance. If available, they will assist you promptly.

Is there a toilet on board?

There is a toilet on each ship for our crew. This toilet is closed to passengers. In urgent situations, you may ask the steward to open the toilet.

Can I still board if the gangway is retracted?

No. At that point, the captain is already maneuvering to leave the pontoon. For your safety and ours, we do not interrupt this procedure. You can simply catch the next Waterbus.

How big is the gangway? And what weight can it bear?

The width of the gangway is 1.65m. The slope averages 11%, but may vary depending on the ship's draft, the height of the quay and/or pontoon, and weather conditions. The maximum allowed weight on the gangway is 1,000 kg.


How much does a trip on DeWaterbus cost?

A single journey ticket in Zone North or South costs €4. A round-trip ticket costs €6.

If you are eligible for a discount, you will pay €3.50 for a single journey and €5 for a round-trip ticket.

If your journey crosses two zones, you will need a ticket for two zones.

For a ferry crossing or an additional excursion between Steenplein - Sint Anna or Lillo - Liefkenshoek, you will be charged an additional €1.

Also, 10-ride cards and subscriptions are available.

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Where can I buy tickets?

You have several options to purchase tickets:

- On our website, you can buy tickets. However, this does not guarantee your place on a ship. Arrive at the boarding point on time, as space is limited.
- On board of each ship, you can purchase tickets and 10-ride cards. Payment can be made via a QR code with your smartphone or through Bancontact. We do not accept cash on board!

Can I pay for tickets in cash on board?

No, only via a QR code with your smartphone or through Bancontact. We only accept cash at the DeWaterbus counter, Steenplein, Antwerp.

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Can I disembark along the way with a single or round-trip ticket?

With a single ticket, youcan travel from stop A to B within the same zone. If you disembark at a stop between A and B, you must purchase a new ticket if you wish to continue your journey to stop B.

If you purchase a round-trip ticket between stops A and B, you can disembark at stop B. Later in the day, you can return to stop A with your ticket.

If your route traverses both Zone North and Zone South, you will need a ticket for two zones.

An extra charge of €1 applies for a ferry crossing.

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Do I have to pay for Zone City if I'm just passing through?

Zone City consists of stops Steenplein and Sint Anna.

- If you remain within this zone, you will be charged €1 for a round trip.
- If you travel through Zone North or Zone South with a single or round-trip ticket, Zone City is already included in your ticket. If you wish to make additional stops at Sint-Anna or Steenplein during your journey, an additional €1 will be charged for the crossing between Sint-Anna and Steenplein.

Can I travel for free if the steward does not come by?

No, you always need a valid ticket. If you cannot present a valid ticket, you will be fined.

Can I reserve my ticket?

No, this is not possible. Once the ship's maximum capacity is reached, we do not allow additional passengers on board. Be sure to arrive on time at the boarding point.

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How long is a ticket valid for?

{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"-\tA single-journey ticket purchased on board is only valid for that day.\n-\tA round-trip ticket purchased on board is also only valid for that calendar day.\n-\tA single-journey ticket purchased on our website is valid for the date you selected.\n-\tA round-trip ticket purchased on our website is only valid for the selected calendar day.\n-\tA 10-ride card remains valid until the specified expiration date."}]}]}

Can multiple people use my 10-ride card?

Yes. Your 10-ride card is not personalized and can be passed on. Please note, the discount rate for a 10-ride card applies only if all users are eligible for the discount.

Will my employer reimburse my subscription?

DeWaterbus falls under public transportation. Whether your employer reimburses your subscription depends on the collective labor agreement your employer is subject to and your employment terms.


How fast does DeWaterbus sail?

The maximum speed on the Scheldt is 40 km/h. The speed of DeWaterbus varies depending on weather conditions, other maritime traffic, works on and around the water, etc.

Can I reach the DeWaterbus piers by public transportation?

Yes, in Zone South, you can certainly do so. Below are the nearest tram and/or bus stops for various stops:
- Stop Steenplein (Antwerp): Groenplaats (650m) and Brouwersvliet (700m).
- Stop Sint Anna: bus stop Antwerp Sint-Annastrand (700m).
- Stop Kruibeke: bus stop Kruibeke Scheldelei (750m)
- Stop Hemiksem: bus stop Hemiksem Callebeekstraat (600m)
In Zone North, the port area, there are no tram or bus stops near the DeWaterbus stops.

Do I get a discount with an EDC card? And what about my companion?

Yes, if you have a European Disability Card (EDC), you are entitled to a discount on our ticket prices. Your companion may travel for free if they possess a valid companion card.

Who can I contact if I forget something on DeWaterbus?

Call +32 3 302 30 00 or send an email to info@dewaterbus.be. We will try to assist you as best as we can.

Can I take photos of DeWaterbus?

You are certainly allowed to take photos of DeWaterbus. In fact, we encourage you to share them on social media and tag DeWaterbus. However, we kindly ask you to respect the privacy of the crew and other passengers. Taking and publishing photos of the DeWaterbus crew is not permitted.

When is the counter open?

The ticket office (Steenplein 1, 2000 Antwerp) is open from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 4 pm. The ticket office is not open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.